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Thursday, June 30, 2011


My Vanity Fair blog post last month on the Dominique Strauss-Kahn rape case examined the hypothesis that his accuser, a Guinean-born maid at the Sofitel in New York, may have been lying about the nature of their encounter.
My post also raised the question of whether the charges might be the result of a set-up arranged by DSK's political enemies. The post got a lot of attention, culling 724 "likes" and 38 comments. Most of the comments were favorable, but a few were scathing, accusing the author of being an anti-feminist, a racist and, worse of all, pro-French ("You have to live in France to believe such a thing is possible.")
I hate to say I told you so, but today's New York Times reports that the case is falling apart because the supposed victim has lied repeatedly to investivators, maintains relations with a network of criminals and drug dealers, and has mysteriously received deposits of $100,000 into her bank account. None of which proves a political plot, but all of which stinks. With even the prosecutor now concluding that his witness is not credible, the case is likely to be dropped in the next few days.

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